Raveon's RavTrack system is a complete GPS tracking solution and is ideal for:


  • public safety AVL

  • construction equipment tracking

  • parks & mining equipment tracking

  • security monitoring

  • vehicle tracking

  • personnel tracking


With RavTrack, you own the complete GPS tracking system. There are no monthly fees and an Internet connection is not required.


Your tracking system works 24/7 even when public infrastructure or cell carriers are not available. It works in remote areas.


The RavTrack real-time GPS tracking system helps improve productivity & increase safety by showing you the "big picture" of how your vehicles are utilized.


Quickly locate your personnel and see where all vehicles are right now.  All in truly real-time, not a few minutes ago.


Real-Time GPS Tracking Anywhere



Communication Anywhere provides innovative Mobile Communications Systems, GPS/AVL Tracking Solutions and Data Radio Solutions.


We are the authorised dealer for Raveon products and RavTrack GPS/AVL software in Australia & New Zealand and can supply you with a system design or quote to suit your individual requirements.

Data Radio Solutions for Any Industry Anywhere



Telemetry is the highly automated communications process by which measurements are made and other data collected  at remote or inaccessible points and transmitted to receiving equipment for monitoring.  Process control can also be implemented and monitored remotely.


Healthcare, telematics, energy & utilities, and retail sectors contribute the maximum share to the telemetry market.


There is additionally an increasing demand in areas such as Fault Management systems, Biotelemetry, Telemedicine, Clinical Monitoring, OPC and embedded device communication and Remote Crop Telemetry.  Remote Telemetry will present a large growth area for telemetry technology.


The current trends include telemetry use in the lighting management applications, connected cars concept, smart sensors, and smart meters for energy utilization, construction management operations and logistics (tracking and vehicle security) activities. Our range of data radio solutions will allow communication in any of these markets.


  • Energy & Utilities

  • Healthcare

  • Retail

  • Remote Crop Telemetry

  • Lighting Management

  • Connected Cars Concept

  • Smart Meters

  • Construction Operations & Logistics

  • Mining Operations & Logistics

  • Fire Fighting

  • Remote Irrigation

  • Oil & gas