GPS for 4WD, Off Road, Cycling, Racing


Using your existing Lowrance GPS display, see where all race vehicles are-with no recurring fees. With real-time status information, as long as you are within UHF radio range, the display will show the location of all of YOUR vehicles on a map image of your choice such as a race-course, Baja, or desert park.


For race organizers, Raveon's M7 series of GPS transponders offer the fastest update rates in the radio industry.  40 vehicles can be tracked with updates every two seconds.  The M7 transponder is perfect for tracking closed circuit races, speed-boat races, motocross, and almost any thing with wheels.  Raveon has the most software options available for GPS tracking. And if you want to use your own custom software, its very easy. With our open protocol, you can quicly develop an interface to your own software.


For support personnel, chase vehicles, and rescue, as long as you are within VHF/UHF radio range, you will see updates on your display of where the other vehicles are.  If you use RavTrack PC on a notebook computer, you can also see spead, heading, voltage and other information. If you use a Lowrance Baja display or a similar GPS plotter, you will see an icon where everyone is - in very real time. 

RavTrack helps your race by :


1. Quickly locating specific vehicles.
2. Racers can see where there pit crews are.
3. Tracking and finding a lost or stolen rig.
4. Using secure encryption, displaying only your vehicles.
5. Use the optional PC software to log track files for any vehicle.
6. Works with the Lowrance Baja 540C display and other models.
7. Easy-to-install RavTrack GPS Transponder mounts in each vehicle.
8. Find your teams even if there are hundreds of other people or vehicles around.
9. Run RavTrack PC in your hotel and know if someone is moving your vehicle at night.

RavTrack Basic is the easiest way to make a GPS tracking system is with two or more RV-M7 transceivers, and a suitable mobile plotter such as the Lowrance 540C GPS plotter. With one RV-M7 connected to the Lowrance plotter it will show the location of the Lowrance, as well as the location of all of the other RV-M7 transceivers within radio range.

Raveon has developed RavTrack PC an application for displaying, tracking, alarming and logging the activity of a radio system based upon the RV-M7 transceivers. This easy-to use application graphically shows the location and status of cars, trucks, people or anything equipped with an RV-M7 transceiver. The display map may be any graphic images, bitmap or .jpg.