GPS for Airport Operations

Airport Logistics and Airport Security


Know where all your airport's equipment is, if and when it moves, and how it is being used, with no recurring fees. RavTrack's complete GPS tracking for airports covers your airport and surrounding area, and its low-cost transponders allow you to track everything.  With very fast updates (every few seconds), you can see in truely real-time where your assets are located, where they are going, and alert people to proximity events.


But GPS-based equipment management goes beyond simply mapping and tracking assets. It is about delivering constructive, real-time location information about your airport shown on a map image of your choosing. Information that you can use to increase profit and improve productivity.




RavTrack improves operations by:


1. Quickly locating specific vehicles and personnel. 
2. Track valuable assets (fuel trucks, busses, luggage carts, security vehicles)
3. Identify idle items. Live real-time alerts of idle time and historical reporting of   activity.
4. Aid in airport management by better understanding the utilization of your assets
5. Alarm operator on speed , idle, and location violations. Log and report on violations of rules.
6. Enforcing keep-out zones.
7. Reduce theft and unauthorized use of tracked items.
8. Alarm when unauthorized movements occur.
9. Report on inventory status.

How it works: By installing one of Raveon's GPS transponders in everything you wish to track or monitor, you will be able to monitor your airport's assets in very real-time. You can configure rules to alert operations and management about certain conditions based upon speed, location, and idling. You can create reports based upon the historical activies of the airport's assets, to review utilization, re-allocate assets for better use, and identify undertuilized assets.  

Raveon's RavTrack GPS tracking system for airport logistics has the fasted update rate in the industry, with no recurring fees. Unlike most of the slow cellular-based systems, RavTrack uses VHF and UHF radio channels, so you can locate any tracked object within seconds.


You can use Raveon's RavTrack PC software to monitor your system, or choose one of the many other fine software applications that are compatible with Raveon's GPS transponders.

Raveon's RavTrack PC computer application is for the displaying, tracking, alarming and logging of the activity in a vehicle tracking system based upon the M7 GX transceivers. This easy-to use application graphically shows the location and status of cars, trucks, people or anything equipped with an RV-M7 transceiver. The display map may be any graphic images, bitmap or .jpg.
It monitors your vehicles and assets, displays them, and can alert an operator as well as send alerts via email and SMS. It works anywhere, and no Internet connection is required.