Atlas PT Personal Tracking System



Raveon’s ATLAS PT is a Personnel Tracking System that provides immediate location, tracking, and alerting of personnel while engaged in critical activities. This tracker is ideal for mission critical personal observation.


The ATLAS PT is equipped with an “Emergency Alert” button as well as a “man down” tilt sensor. The tracker helps you focus and protect your highly trained professionals in whatever mission critical operations you may face. The real-time situational awareness provided by the personal tracker system allows you to orchestrate personnel efforts for optimal operations, and helps you bring your team home safely.


The ATLAS PT is the fastest completely-integrated real-time GPS tracking transponder available. It uses VHF radio channels with no service fees or monthly charges, and works virtually anywhere.


The ATLAS PT is fully compatible with the RavTrack series of vehicle tracking devices and software, allowing complete real-time tracking of personnel, vehicles, and other vital assets in one system.


The tracker is ideal for ensuring connectivity in disaster scenarios when cellular services are easily overwhelmed.


The Portable Multi Unit Charger supports charging of 10 ATLAS PT or the same number of external battery packs. It is light weight (under 25lbs) and designed with built-in wheels and retractable handle for convenient transport. It makes it easy to keep your portable GPS tracking units charged wherever you might take them.




Training: Study your training exercises in real-time, The ATLAS PT allows you to capture the activities of any trainee group and save them for later replay and critique. Trainees can request support or alert operations to a critical situation.


Fire Fighters: Know where your personnel are while battling any situation. Coordinate team efforts, and minimize unnecessary dangerous exposures.And with Raveon’s Man Down ALERT! button, your personnel can immediately summon help to their position


Police: Know where your officers and first-responders are no matter their mode of travel. See the tactical situation in real-time, identify who is closest to the scene, and respond with the right person in the right place and at the right time


Search & Rescue: Coordinate the efforts of your rescue personnel.  Retain and refer to a dynamic map record of all areas searched, ensuring thorough coverage.  Proactively equip outbound people with an ATLAS Personal Tracker and pinpoint their location at any time.


Portable Multi Unit Charger