• Real-Time. Position and status updates are available as quickly as every second.  Coupled with the rapid update capabilities the extremely short assures you that any position reports and alerts sent will post to your display(s) very quickly.


  • Complete. Everything needed to track a vehicle or asset is provided. No secondary services like Internet, cell-service, GPRS, Edge, SMS, or satellite service is needed. The ATLAS PT allows you complete control over your infrastructure.


  • No Monthly Charges. Because no external services are required, there are no recurring costs for a RavTrack system. 


  • Totally Portable. The ATLAS PT is completely self-contained and portable.  Meant to be worn by personnel in a variety of activities, it weighs just 16 ounces even with the built-in rechargeable batteries.  Simple to operate, just “turn it on and go”.  Furthermore, the ATLAS PT has some of the lowest power-consumption in the industry.  The transponder features flexible reporting options, while a remote controlled sleep mode allows it to be active and consume almost no power at all.


  • Rugged and water tight. Integrated into an IP67 rated watertight enclosure all PT models include protection against damage from water, over-temperature, high VSWR, and overcharge.


  • Works Everywhere/Anytime. The ATLAS PT does not rely on public wireless services, so your systems work in rural areas, forests, mines, mountains, deserts, foreign countries, and even open water. This is especially critical in disaster situations when cellular services are easily overwhelmed.


  • Long-Range Operation. Using narrow-band VHF radio channels, the ATLAS can communicate as far as 30 miles (depending upon terrain). All ATLAS PTs can also store-and-forward repeat for wide-area coverage, and fully inter-operate with other M7 series GPS enabled radio in the RavTrack family.


  • High Speed and High Efficiency. The ATLAS PT Transponder operates with fast over the air data rates.  Its fast-switching radio enables it to send up to 20 position-transmissions per second.


  • Flexible Reporting. The ATLAS PT may be configured to transmit position and status reports at pre-set time intervals (programmable), when it has moved a certain distance (programmable), when an I/O changes, when it has stopped moving, is laid-down, or a combination of these.


  • Easy To Use. The ATLAS Personal Locator is very simple to use.  Turn it on, and once GPS signal is acquired, it begins sending its position. Power-Off may be disabled so that only the command-center can turn it off.


  • Safety Features. On the top of the ATLAS PT is a dual-function user-activated alert button.  Pressing sends an “Alert”, and when held down for 2 seconds, causes the unit to transmit a “Critical Alert” code indicating the alert condition.Using the internal position sensor, position transmissions and man-down alerts may be triggered by position, motion, or lack-of motion. 


  • Proximity Alerts. Each ATLAS PT  may be configured to transmit an alert, as well as signal an output circuit whenever it is in proximity of another M7 series GPS enabled radio.  This feature is useful for collision avoidance, theft security, or other applications.


  • Remote Management. Commands may be sent over-the-air to the ATLAS PT to put interrogate it, modify its reporting rate, and modify certain parameters in it.


  • Long Battery Life. Operating as a GPS transponder with the receiver off 95% of the time, the expected operation duration from a full charge is:









Report Rate          Battery Life ( 0 C - 40 C)          Battery Life (-25 C - 50 C)

30 seconds            30 hours                                   24 hours

90 seconds            60 hours                                   48 hours

4 minutes               7 days                                     7 days

15 minutes             1 month                                   1 month

Simple to Interface. The ATLAS PT is very simple to use and is designed to integrate with a variety of software,plotters, GPS displays, and external devices including:


Lowrance GPS displays and navigation

Garmin hand-held GPSs

Any GPS with an RS-232 NMEA interface

RavTrackPC software by Raveon

Marine Radar Displays

Biotelemetry sensors

Laser range finders

Your own custom application


  • Visual Mapping. The activities of all ATLAS units are easily visualized by a number of mapping applications, including RavTrack PC, which allows you to import your own custom maps.


  • Secure. All position reports are 128-bit AES encrypted for secure communications.  No other radio modem, from Raveon or otherwise, will be able to listen in or monitor positions without knowing the security key.