GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

Increase your efficiency in the field - Save time and money!


RavTrack GPS fleet tracking systems help improve your business productivity by helping you to manage and monitor your vehicle fleet.  GPS tracking of your vehicle fleet shows you the "big picture" of how your vehicles are utilized, revealing the inefficient practices and identifying opportunities for improvement.

It also helps identify misused vehicles, unauthorized behavior, speeding, or excursions into areas that the vehicles do not belong.  With Ravtrack you can easily configure the system to send email or SMS, or alert operators when your rules are violated. 


RavTrack GPS fleet vehicle tracking improves businesses by:

1. Reducing wasted time by analyzing routes and monitoring activities.
2. Reducing engine idling. Report on idle and active vehicles.
3. Monitoring vehicles for speeding or speeding in zones.
4. Enforcing work-zones, keep-out areas, or monitored areas.
5. Quickly searching for specific vehicles, nearby vehicles, or missing vehicles.
6. Improve safety.
7. Identify potential theft or mis-use of tracked vehicles.

Raveon has developed RavTrack PC an application for displaying, tracking, alarming and logging the activity of a radio system based upon the RV-M7 transceivers. This easy-to use application graphically shows the location and status of cars, trucks, people or anything equipped with an RV-M7 transceiver. The display map may be any graphic images, bitmap or .jpg.