Golf Course GPS Solutions


Locate golf carts &  landscaping equipment in real time.


Use RavTrack to monitor the location of all your carts, equipment, mowers, and workers, with no recurring fees. Unlike most GPS tracking solution RavTrack delivers helpful, real-time location information and displays it on a map image of your course without access to the Internet or slow loading maps from a third party.


The RavTrack solution also detects theft attempts or abuse of your carts and equipment. You can configure keep-out zones and many other rules to notify the ranger or security if a rule is violated.


Because Raveon's RavTrack system uses UHF or VHF radio frequencies, you can easily cover your whole course without monthly air-time fees. RavTrack works where cellular-based systems don't and because the airtime is free, your update-rate of cart position and status is the fastest in the industry. You can easily track 100 carts with less than 10 second update rates using just one base station.

RavTrack Golf GPS tracking improves golf course operations by:


1. Quickly locating specific vehicles
2. Track valuable assets (trucks, cars, generators, trailers, mowers, security)
3. Reducing wasted time when locating people.
4. Alarm supervisor on speed , idle , and location violations.
5. Enforcing keep-out zones and course boundaries.
6. Reduce theft by alerting when an item move outside of defined area.
7. Record and report the battery voltage for each cart.
8. Log vehicle use, location, speed, and time for later reporting.

Use this type of display if you want to track your carts and workers from inside a service truck or another cart.


An easy way to make a GPS tracking system is with two or more M7 GX transceivers, and a suitable mobile GPS display such as the Lowrance 540C GPS or Garmin hand-held display. With one M7 GX connected to the Lowrance display it will show the location of the of all of the other M7 GX transponders within radio range.






The RavTrack PC software is an easy-to use application which graphically shows the location and status of all of your carts, trucks, mowers, workers or anything equipped with an RavTrack GPS transponder.


The display map may be any graphic images, bitmap or .jpg image.  It not only shows location, but highlights vehicles that are breaking your pre-set rules.  It can alert an operator or send an email when a rule is violated.