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1. Works Everywhere. RavTrack does not rely on public wireless services, so RavTrack systems work in rural areas, mines, mountains, foreign countries, and deserts.


2. Complete Solution.  Everything needed for a vehicle tracking tracking system or an asset tracking system is provided. No secondary services like Internet, cell-service, GPRS, Edge, SMS, or satellite service is needed.


3. Real-Time GPS Tracking.  Position and status updates are available as quickly as every second. No other tracking system has as fast an update rate as RavTrack.


4. No monthly charges.  Because no external services are required, there are no recurring costs for a RavTrack vehicle tracking system.


5. Open Software interface. RavTrack transponders communicate with more 3rd-party vehicle-tracking user interfaces, navigation displays, and AVL software applications than any other.  From simple GPS navigation displays, to AVL dispatching and Google Earth, you can visualize your system as you wish.

The RavTrack Advantage