The Raveon model M7-GX GPS transponder is a rugged high-speed UHF or VHF data radio with a built-in 12-channel GPS receiver. The M7 GX is the core of a RavTrack AVL system.  It's internal GPS transponder determines its location, time and other user-setable parameters (see Specifications above for details), and its high-speed radio modem transmits its GPS position and status over-the-air at programmable times.  A unique TDMA channel access scheme ensures that even hundreds of vehicle can transmit their location, and not interfere with each-other.


It has up to 5 watts of RF (radio frequency) power output, and operates as both a GPS transponder for tracking, and a radio modem for sending and receiving data.  Connect DC power, and UHF antenna, and a GPS antenna, and you are ready to track position and time.


The RV-M7 GPS transponders may be configured for a number of different GPS applications, including:


Transponder:  Periodically transmit position and status. Radio receiver is disabled for low-power consumption.


GPS display:  Connect an RV-M7 to a hand-held or mobile GPS, and icons will appear on the display showing the location of all other RV-M7 radios in the system.


Radar Display:  Radar Display: Connect RV-M7 to a marine plotter or radar display, and icons will appear on the display showing the location of all other RV-M7 radios in the system.


RavTrack PC:  Connect the RV-M7 to a personal computer running RavTrack PC (or other PC software) to view a map showing location, status, log movement, set alerts, and make reports from the data.


Repeater:  Any M7 GX transponder  may be configured to also be a store-and-forward repeater.   Store and forwarding repeating is when a radio automatically re-sends any message it receives.  Locating a store-and-forward repeater on a tall building, tower, or mountain can greatly increase the coverage of a radio system. 

As well as transmitting its position and status over the air, the RV-M7 also has a radio modem with integrated RS232 with RS422/485 and USB interface options for sending and receiving data.

For privacy and security, over-the air encryption is standard on every RV-M7 radio. For network versatility, the RV-M7 incorporates a 16-bit identification code, allowing up to 65,000 objects to be identified in one system. For wide-area coverage, all RV-M7 transponders may be set to store-and-forward messages from other RV-M7 transponders. Although the RV-M7 is the easiest to use modem on the market, and makes the easiest to set-up Automatic Vehicle Locations (AVL) system available, its re-programmability makes it extremely versatile. Most parameters within the modem may be reconfigured to optimize it for specialized operations, extended range, or higher data throughput.


The GPS transponder may be configured using its built-in serial port.  Raveon provides a software program called Radio Manager to configure the M7 GX.

The tracking unit has a number of different universal slots built into it, allowing it to work with a large range of displays, computers, and PC software applications. Raveon's M7-GX transponders have an open software interface, and details of all serial-port messaging is publicly available.

M7-GX UHF / VHF GPS Transponder

M7-GX UHF / VHF GPS Transponder

M7-GX-WX UHF / VHF GPS Transponder (with IP65 weatherproof enclosure)