UHF/VHF Rack Mountable Base Station (RV-SMB)



While all of Raveon's M7 series radios will work as base station, repeater or transponder, the RV-SMB features a 1U rack-mountable 19” high-speed UHF or VHF network attached radio modem chassis, with redundant 5 watt radio modems, redundant power supply, and GPS transponder receiver which interoperates with the M7-GX line of GPS radio modems.


Features include:

  • 2-Port terminal server.

  • Automatic RF output switching.

  • Dual GPS RF connections, enabling hot-standby of GPS-enabled radio modules.

  • Redundant radio module, which can be configured in reserve-standby mode (backup radio is powered down until it is needed)or hot-standby mode (backup radio is always powered).